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New Members and those members who previously have not registered their email address will not be able to log into the NORS Members Area until they have been issued with a User Name and Password.
New Members having just joined the society will automatically receive a message once their access to NORS has been activated, this may take 7 to 14 days
For existing members who wish to gain access to NORS or those who fail to receive notification within 14 days please email nors@nfhs.co.uk
 Some members may still not receive the email that we send in reply, in this case please do the following:-
1. Check Junk Mail folder.
2. Add nors@nfhs.co.uk  to email address book / contact list.
If the above is not successful please telephone 01603 763718 leaving full name and telephone number with a request for this to be passed to the NORS administration.


Please note that the password for NORS may not be the same as The NFHS Website. Username comprises membership number + first 3 characters of surname.
If password is forgotten  a new temporary one can be requested at any time by selecting 'Forgotten?' next to the Login box, for this reason it is essential to keep registered e-mail address up-to-date as an email will be sent with the new password.
It is possible to change personal details or the NORS password to a more memorable one at any time by logging in and using the 'My Details' (little green man icon).
It is also possible to change the  NFHS Website password or personal details by using the 'Amend Details' option under the  'Membership menu' after logging into the NFHS Website.  Remember - Passwords are case sensitive!

Non-Members may see which parish registers are available by Browsing Records using the menus on the left but only Society Members will be able to view the actual transcription data.

When the service was launched in January 2010 the site contained 638,305 individual records. As at 1 January 2014 this figure had risen to more than 2.9 million records.

Before you Begin

It is important to remember that NORS provides a Surname Search Facility. It does not allow you to view an entire transcript for a particular parish register.

A User Guide and list of Frequently Asked Questions are included in the pages of the main Society website.
If you encounter any difficulties please take time to review these before before contacting the Society.

Getting Started

Once you have logged in by entering your User Name and Password into the Login box on the left of the screen try a Quick Search in the top left corner of this screen to find all instances of a Surname across all dataset.

To narrow your search to a specific Period or to a known Ancestor using Forename and Surname then use the Advanced Search facility.

To restrict your search for a person to one parish use the Browse Records menu to first restrict your Surname search to a specific parish and register, either baptisms, burials, marriages or banns.

Record Content & Abbreviations

Baptisms & Births
Date of Baptisms or Birth:  
Surname of child:         where the child is illegitimate the surname is taken as the mother's maiden name even when a reputed father is given in the notes
Childís first name:   
Fatherís first name:   
Motherís maiden Name:   
Home Parish:   
Notes:                       If widow appears in the notes this indicates the mother was a widow at the date of  birth
                                 Bn.            =       Born or birth
                                 Bapt.         =       Baptism
                                 Priv.Bapt.   =       Private baptism
                                 D. / d.       =       Death / died
                                 c/o            =       Child of
                                 d/o            =       Daughter of
                                 h/o            =       Husband of
                                 s/o            =       Son of
                                 w/o           =       Wife of
                                 b.born        =       Base Born

Date of Banns:            where available all three dates will be shown
Surname:                    of party to marriage
First name:                 of party to marriage
Role in marriage::        G              =       Groom
                                 B              =       Bride
Marital status:             S              =       Single
                                 W             =       Widowed
Home Parish:       
Date of Marriage:     
Role in marriage:         G              =       Groom
                                 B              =       Bride
                                 GF            =       Groomís father
                                 BF            =       Brideís father
                                  W             =       Witness
Surname:                    of party to marriage

First name:                 of party to marriage
Legal consent:             B              =       Banns
                                 L               =       Licence
Signature:                   S              =       Signature
                                 X              =       Mark (No signature)
Marital Status              S              =       Single
                                 W             =       Widow(er)
Age:                           M             =       Minor
                                 F/A           =       Full Age
Home Parish:   

Date of Burial:   
First name:   
Home Parish:   
                                  D./ d.        =       Death / died
                                  d/o           =       Daughter of
                                  h/o           =       Husband of
                                  s/o           =       Son of
                                  w/o          =       Wife of
                                  Inf           =       Infant
                                  d/dy         =       Day(s)
                                  m/mo       =       Month(s)
                                  wk           =       Week(s)
                                  y/yr          =       Year(s)

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